The Jonathan Ricardo Glenn Academy gives youth soccer players the opportunity to train like a Professional. We provide professional coaching and camps with our programs designed to challenge our athletes mentally, physically, tactically and technically. The basics as well as advanced techniques are taught on a personalized level. Conditioning methods and nutrition are also stressed to prevent injuries, improve coordination, flexibility and overall performance.

Jonathan Glenn  in action against German Bundesliga team  Vfl Wolfsburg .

Jonathan Glenn in action against German Bundesliga team Vfl Wolfsburg.

“Jonathan is really good with interacting with the kids on their level and he makes everything fun and exciting while also being in command of his players.”
— Robbie Nettles
“Jonathan coached my children’s team and also worked with them individually. His individualized coaching has helped my child greatly improve his footwork, speed, agility and self-esteem. Sessions were always fun, and my child wanted to train with Jonathan every day. With the team, Jonathan led the team to a 2nd place finish in their division. He taught them footwork, positional skills, tactical skills and teamwork. Not only did he give them the skills to be successful on the field, but he taught them how to have good sportsmanship and how to be good young men.”
— Kathy O'Keefe Giesbrecht
“Jonathan Glenn has changed my soccer life tremendously is such a positive way! I got personal sessions with Coach Jonathan on days that suited me the best, which was an added bonus to the quality training I got. The first session is a training day to show what needs improvement, and then you build on from there. The drills change frequently so your not bored with the same thing. Coach Jonathan also gives you encouragement along with his coaching. He allowed me to improve my skills and build my confidence in soccer to go out and give 100 percent whether in practice or in games, as a result of my training in I have recently made the girls varsity team for Camden County High School, and I’ve started in every game. We were undefeated the whole season along with region champs. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without JRG Academy. Thank you Coach Glenn.”
— Nicole Santos
“Coach Jonathan and the other coaches did a great job throughout the summer camp week. My five year old had a great time and was engaged the whole time. Jonathan made sure that the activities and skills addressed were tailored to all age groups. It rained the entire week but they were able to plan indoor activities at a local school gym. My son will definitely be attending his camps in the future.”
— Amanda Cobb Ross
“Our son, George, was visiting his grandparents on Amelia Island and attend Jonathan’s camp. He had a great time and will definitely train with Jonathan again if he gets the chance.”
— Neil Goodwin
“Over the years, Jonathan Glenn has been our son’s coach, trainer, and mentor. Our son is an athletic, fun-loving, and soccer-loving child. Jonathan successfully harnesses our son’s energy and love of the game to help him focus on the intricacies of the game, in particular footwork and knowing when and where to pass during a game. Under Jonathan’s tutelage, our son has developed in all areas and positions of the game. As parents, we could not be happier for our son to be trained by such a conscious, upstanding, and inspirational professional man. Add this to the fact that Jonathan is a professional European soccer player? It’s a dream come true for our family.”
— Karen Brooks Preble
“I started working with Jonathan in 2014. As the head coach of the Yulee High School Boys Soccer Team, I wanted to stop by and say a few words on behalf of Jonathan. As a professional athlete, I knew right away that Jonathan’s knowledge and experience would be a tremendous asset to the program. One of the first concerns I had was, would we be able to afford his services? Although we fund raised throughout the summer and early parts of the school year, I knew that his services would come at a cost. Luckily for us, Jonathan’s rates were very reasonable and we jumped on the opportunity. One of the first things that surprised me about Jonathan was his ability to connect with the players. He communicates extremely well and holds all players to a higher standard. Jonathan’s approach to training not only challenges players physically, but mentally as well. One of the things that pleased me the most was the efficiency and progression of the sessions. Each session built upon the previous one and developed our players so much in such a short time period. As my first year as the head coach for this team, I couldn’t be happier with my decision of working with Jonathan. His passion and love for the game can be seen in his relentless desire to give back to the soccer community. Jonathan is a humble professional athlete, great player, and coach, but most importantly, an awesome person. If you ever have the chance to work with Jonathan, take it! You will not be disappointed! Thanks for everything, Jonathan!”
— Joseph Wood
“The individualized program allows players to get a lot of touches on the ball and work on the fundamentals of their game. This type of player specific coaching is not always available at team practices”
— Wes Brewer
“For my son to get in the car after a session with Jonathan and be drenched in sweat, hot and red faced but laughing and saying he loved it is proof enough for me that Jonathan is a wonderful teacher. Add to that some of skills and tricks my son was showing off, plus hearing about the “awesome” drills they participated in, I have no doubt my husband and I have made the best investment in our son’s future!”
— Shannon Nettles
I worked with Jonathan Glenn during his early days as a pro with the Vermont Voltage- he quickly became a fan favorite amongst our younger fans. He lead many academy sessions where his unique talent for teaching and inspiring young players was always on display. Discipline, Skill, and Love for the Game were part of every session. He REALLY cares about developing players and his track record illustrates his ability. Highly recommend his Academy!!!!
— Scott Mosher